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First, you need to check with your local small business-licensing agency. You need to find out what the rules and regulations that governs in home childcare centers. Most states allow you to have one or two children that are not yours in your home without special licensing; others are more strict and require inspections and certain equipment in the home.

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The new homes come equipped with three choices of solar power ranging from the standard 1.35kW system to the upgraded 3.15kW system. Homeowners expected power costs range from $94 to $46 for the 3.15kW system.

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Check to make sure there is a full time staff on the premises. Also make sure there is a physician with a background in geriatric care who makes regular visits. Nobody likes to be surprised by a new face every time they’re told the doctor is coming, and this is especially true of the elderly. The world is changing too fast as it is for people who had the exact same kind of phone as their neighbor for most of their lives and the last thing these people need is to constantly wonder if they are going to see a different doctor every week. As for the staff itself, do a quick estimate or, if possible, an actual bed count while there. The full time staff should be equal to at least 40% of number of beds.

The final stage in running an in-home child care is to hire helpers. As your in-home daycare grows, the state will mandate that you have another adult on hand. In addition, there will be days when you have emergencies or you may be ill. Parents can’t afford for you to have sick days so you need to have a helper who can run the center when you cannot. In addition, there will be days when you are required to do state mandated training, or just run errands, you will need at least one trusty employee you can all on. When hiring a helper, screen them thoroughly according to state standards, and also observe them with the children to make sure they are a good fit for your center.